CIME (Contemporary International Musical Exchange):

In 2012, we introduced the CIME (Contemporary International Musical Exchange) – New Intermedia Scenes, which gives students the chance to explore new musical horizons in the context of its historical background. In addition to innovative programs, discussion forums about the future of classical music, and world premieres of newly commissioned Canadian and European works, audiences hear new sights and sounds never heard before.

Several premieres have taken place at this event, including a work for quartet and strings by Canadian composer Brent Lee, a String Quintet by British composer Peter Seabourne, a Piano Quintet by British Columbian composer Jocelyn Morlock, a quartet by Michael Conway Baker; works by Hans Kunstovny, John Stetch, Nicole Lizee, Simos Papanas. Canadians Brent Lee, John Stetch and Nicole Lizee, British composer Peter Seabourne, Simos Papanas from Greece, Hans Kunstovny from Austria  and Lutz Dreyer from Germany,  have been our  Composers – in – Residence. 

We also welcome Canadian Visual Artist – in – Residence Sigi Torinus.

Intermedia works will be explored, led by Prof. Megumi Masaki, Artistic Director of the E. Gre Competition for New Music in Canada.

British violist Roger Chase and Italian oboist and composer Arnaldo de Felice will devote their new music experiences through performances, coachings and lectures.

Canadian quartet the Borealis  performs a number of exciting compositions written for them, and our top international students, including the Mainzer Virtuosi, will join in to give a dynamic multi-cultural twist to this eye-opening event.

The CIME program began with the vision of encouraging young musicians to return to the old tradition of performer/composer, foliowing in the footsteps of Kreisler, Ysaye, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Chopin, etc. The event seeks to challenge the relationships which modern composers have with their roots and traditions through the masterpieces of their predecessors and to look for roads which lead to an innovative creation of future masterpieces that stand out in musical history.


Composers – in – Residence hosted workshops and educational concerts for local families and children during the CIME weekend led by Prof. Megumi Masaki, Artistic Director of the E. Gre Competition for New Music in Canada. This weekend offers hands-on musical experience through improvisational exercises, creative exchange with each other under the guidance of our composers-in-residence, and participation in special children’s programs (e.g. Peter and the Wolf and Babar the Elephant) with student mentors.

This program reaches out to local communities, exposing unique creative musical ideas to young children. Children were also given the opportunity to work with the next generation of budding young composers as well as renowned international composers.

Due to the success of this program, we are proud to announce that these educational outreach activities will be offered annually as part of our CIME project.

Composers participating in CIME 2012

Michael Conway Baker (b.1937)
Jan Bislin
William Bolcom (b.1938)
Konstantin Boyarsky (b.1976)
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
John Burge (b. 1961)
T. Patrick Carrabré (b.1958)
Victor Davies (b.1939)
Lutz Dreyer *Composer in Residence
Arnaldo de Felice (b.1965)
Gerald Finzi (1901-1956)
Srul Irving Glick (1934-2002)
Sofia Gubaidulina (b.1931)
Vincent Ho (b.1975)
Simon Holt (b.1958)
Otto Joachim (1910-2010)
Jerome Kitzke (b.1955)
Brent Lee (b.1964) – *Composer in Residence
Gyorgy Ligeti (1923-2006)
Alexina Louie (b.1949)
Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959)
Jocelyn Morlock (b.1969)
Kelly – Marie Murphy (b.1964)
Arvo Pärt (b.1935)
Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)
Tomi Raisanen (b.1976)
Imant Raminsh (b.1943)
Elisabeth Raum (b.1945)
Rodion Schedrin (b.1932)
Alfred Schnittke (1934-1988)
Peter Seabourne (b.1960) – *Composer in Residence
Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975)
Valentin Silvestrov (b.1937)
Sigi Torinus – * Visual Artist in Residence
Guido Turchi (b.1916-2010)
Peteris Vasks (b.1946)

Our 2013 featured composers

Arnold Bax (1883-1953)
Nimrod Borenstein (b.1969)
Lutz Dreyer
Moritz Eggert (b.1965)
Douglas Finch (b.1957)
Vivian Fung (b.1975)
Nicolai Kapustin (b.1937)
Stale Kleiburg (b.1958)
Hans Kunstovny *Composer – in – Residence
Nicole Lizee (b.1973) *Composer – in – Residence
Simos Papanas (b.1979) *Composer – in – Residence
Krzysztof Penderecki (b.1933)
Randolph Peters (b.1959)
Andre Previn (b.1929)
Rodion Schtschedrin (b.1932)
Robert Stern
John Stetch (b.1966) *Composer – in – Residence
Kotoka Suzuki (b.1972)